Hanwood Bowling Club History

The Club was founded in 1924. Members were predominantly local miners. It was an all male Adult Club, sometimes father and son as a membership of two generations. It has a long history of success with members having great pride in caring for the green. The green is renowned for being a challenge to visiting teams.

In more recent years Ladies and Junior members have been allowed to join in. It is common to have three generations playing across the teams, and likened to a large extended family. The oldest playing member is 94 years old and youngest 9 years old. Bowling is a game for all ages.

Eight teams ranging from Division One to Four compete in Local Leagues with all players enjoying games at their level. Our Top Team has not lost a match at Home so far this season. Over the years Hanwood has always had members playing for The County and competing Nationally and more recently Junior Members, some to be mentioned in Individual Sporting Successes in the Community later in the Service.

This year the Club has seen the start of ‘Social Bowling’ one afternoon a week. HBC Members wishing to encourage residents to use and enjoy the facilities at the club have issued an open invitation to people wishing to learn the sport. It is proving very popular with numbers increasing as weeks go by. The new players have an opportunity to learn the game from experienced members at the same time meeting other local people. The Bowling Club serves the Community, as we are here today we must all work together to increase our community spirit. Thanks to Keith Packer’s work with his introduction of the Church Web site we will be updated electronically as well as keeping in touch in the monthly Church Magazine.

PS since the Service we have news that our green has been selected for a semi-final National County Game in August. The pride in the Green lives on.

Ursula (May 2011)

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