Prayers for Forgivenesss

It is necessary when we come before God to make sure there is nothing between us, so use one of these prayers to bring your confession.

Lord God, you have shown us such love,
and stretched out your arms
to draw us into your embrace.
Yet we so often fail to show that love
within our lives,
or recognise its source.
Forgive our short-sightedness,
for the times we've failed to see your love
in the generosity of friend
or stranger,
the shoulder to cry on,
willing ear to listen,
a word of encouragement,
holding our hand that extra mile.
Forgive us for failing to notice
how much you care for us.

Lord God, your love for humankind,
present in the beginning of all things,
extends throughout history
and touches even my life.
Your love sees failings
and forgives.
Your love feels pain
and wipes away our tears.
Your love knows grief,
and comforts the sorrowful.
Your love sees sin
and still loves the sinner.
Forgive us when we fail to live
lives that reflect your love.
Forgive us the many times
when we take for granted
all that you have done for us.
Transform us, through your Spirit,
and empower us to serve you
this day and all days

Saving God, we are your people
yet the world cannot see this.
We are your children,
and fail to live in peace.
We are your voices
and choose to be silent.
We are your hands and feet
and walk a different road.
Forgive us, for ignoring your love,
for brushing aside your hand
and trusting our own wisdom.
Enable us to worship you
in spirit and in truth,
to bring to you our joyful songs
in the everyday moments of our lives;
that your name might be glorified
through our words and lives.

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