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            As many of you will have seen, the brook-side area has been transformed during the autumn and the winter. Work began on schedule back in October when Richard Savage brought his tractor and plough down to the Village Hall. He did a splendid job on the site, ploughing and levelling and then rolling prior to the paths being put down.

The groundwork for laying the paths through the site was put out to tender back in October as well. The most competitive tender came from a company at Moreton Corbett called ‘SWB Garden Services’ and accordingly they were contracted to carry out the work. We really were most fortunate in this choice, since the two men who came to work on the site for us, were two of the most diligent, hard working and amenable people that you could ever hope to employ. They shifted over two hundred tonnes of stone between them and were even able to extend the car park for us.

The wild flower seed was ordered and bought from a company called ‘Forestart’ based near to Hadnall. (We will all have seen this company at work during the last few summers on the cherry trees opposite the Cock Inn since they come for the fruit to propagate more trees from the stones.)

Native trees and hedging bushes are being bought and collected for planting in the newly accessible water-side area, as well as fruit trees to create an orchard for the benefit of the villagers. We should have a park that will be useful to both people and wildlife for many years to come.

Already many people are coming to our new area to enjoy a new amenity for the whole village. Do watch this space and go down to see the progress for yourselves. Now that spring is upon us, more planting will take place as the weather improves in time for the grand opening in June.

Waterside Park
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