County Games

The first county match of 2012

Shropshire v North Lancashire

Hanwood Bowling Club

2.00 pm 6 May 2012

Groundsman David Burton has the green in superb condition and a crowd of approximately  300 is expected.

Expected line-up, Shropshire first:

  1 Colin Beaman v James Grimston
  2 Simon Parsonage v Ashley Woof
  3 Mike Beer v Mick Holcroft
  4 Richard Goddard v Stewart Kenyon
  5 Wayne Phillips* v Darren Edmondson
  6 Clay Flatley v Mark Chesters
  7 Darren Wellings* v Michael Opie
  8 Richard Lawson v John Fox
  9 Andrew Duckett v Mel Byron
10 Keith Walton v Owen Jackson
11 Keith Wall v Hugh Hornby
12 Wayne Rogers v John Metters
* Hanwood residents.

County Match Round up

Shropshire played against Yorkshire on the 3 June 2012. The home leg at Hanmer was lost by 17 points and Shropshire’s away team lost at Meltham, near Holmfirth by 22 points.  Hanwood players were in the away squad with Wayne Phillips winning 21 – 16, and Darren Wellings losing 21 – 14.

Shropshire will play again against Derbyshire on the 1 July 2012 with the home leg played at Pontesbury BC.


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