Christingle service

Christingle and Gift C-SAW service - fun, lively…


and a time of giving to others



Over the years Hanwood church and primary school have given literally hundreds of Christmas presents to young people and families who, for whatever reason, need support.  This year we are continuing this tradition through EnHance, who are commissioned by Shropshire Council to provide Early Help support for children, young people and their families.

Enhance help with parenting, improving family relationships and also work directly with young people.  Some parents are struggling with a child who has special needs, while others are finding it difficult to cope with a new baby.   Young people may need help with anger management, behaviour problems and lack of self-esteem. Whatever the challenges, these situations are often aggravated by poverty.

Come and make a Christingle –

and a difference to someone else’s life.


Do join us to make your Christingle to take home.  And if you would like to support the families and children mentioned, please bring presents (unwrapped) to the service.

In case you’d like some ideas of what to bring, here are some suggestions – but feel free to buy whatever you think is suitable. 


  • Box of festive Christmas foody treats for a family
  • Gifts for children ages 0 – 16 eg books, toys, socks, pens, pencils, colouring/sticker books
  • For teenagers One4all gift vouchers (available from the PO)
  • Board games for all the family




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