Sunday Worship

The normal pattern of Sunday Worship is outlined below. There are changes to the pattern to accomodate Baptismal and confirmation services, etc. Please see the calendar for any changes.

Please stay for refreshments after any morning service, and CSAW.

Young children are welcome in church and there are toys available.  There is also a room where they can play, if parents/carers prefer.

1st Sunday

Family Communion: 10.30am

2nd Sunday

C-SAW: 4.30 pm

(Cake &) Sunday Afternoon Worship

3rd Sunday

Family Communion: 10.30am

4th Sunday

             Morning Worship: 10.30am

Emphasis on Biblical teaching, in the church extension

5th Sunday

Group Worship: 10.30am

all of the Benefice congregations meet together. Please see the calendar for the venue.


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