Christian Aid News

Christian Aid Week has been and gone without most people even noticing. Due to the corona virus and the resulting lockdown none of the planned events or door to door collecting happened. However the work of Christian Aid world- wide continues.


Due to the impact of corona virus much of this work has been in places where there is no supply of running water, crowded living accommodation, and poor sanitation, such as the many refugee camps around the world. But also, alongside this, the efforts world-wide to enable people to adapt to the changing climate also carries on.

Florence, a lady in Kenya, where the climate changes have led to unreliable rains has been able to set up a chicken farm, keep bees and together with her neighbours manage to grow more crops by simply building an earth dam with the help of Christian Aid’s local expertise. She used to have to walk 6 hours a day to collect water and although this dam cannot provide clean drinking water it can be used for irrigation, and the time saved enables new initiatives to succeed. This picture shows Faith, another lady whose fields are now green and growing thanks to a nearby dam.

If you haven’t already donated to Christian Aid instead of filling an envelope, it is still possible to do so by going to their website, where ways of donating are explained.

Later in the year when shielding and social distancing are unnecessary again we may be able to hold a special fund raising activity for Christian Aid. Something to look forward to.