Building Hope and Confidence

Wave of Prayer 8-10 June 2020

Loving Lord, we thank you that we have been joined together in unity through the love of Christ.  Our theme, this week in Families World, is ‘Celebrating Volunteers’.

Loving Lord, we thank you for Mothers’ Union leaders in our Link Dioceses, of Yambio, Garissa, Mbamili, Willochra and we pray for Andy, our president, here in Hereford Diocese.  May they feel loved and valued and their lives enriched through the fellowship of Mothers’ Union.

Lord, in your mercy,

hear our prayer

Loving Lord, we thank you for our fellow members, of diverse cultures and scattered throughout the world; unite us in prayer and commitment to delivering care for families where it is most needed, in the heart of communities.  Enable us to enthuse those we meet, that we may work together in love and service, to the glory of your name.  Each one of us is a volunteer and we pray that whatever we do, we do it in your name.

Lord, in your mercy,

hear our prayer

Loving Lord, we thank you for the many gifts you have bestowed on us; for leadership abilities, practical skills, for creativity and compassion. Enable us to discern what we have to contribute and to recognise the skills of others around us.  Loving Lord, we ask you to help us to serve one another with an openness of heart in the messiness of life with the gifts that you have given us.

Lord, in your mercy,

hear our prayer

Loving Lord, look on this wounded world in pity and power.  We pray for everyone during this time of pandemic, caused by a virus which is so tiny but so mighty.  We pray for those who are ill* (*add anyone known to you), bereaved* remembering trustee Jean South RIP 08/05/2020, in poverty*, homeless* or affected by violence*.  Strengthen those who seek to help them, that they may know your peace and comfort.  We pray that the work of the Mothers’ Union continues to reach people in the remotest of places.

Lord, in your mercy,

hear our prayer

Loving Lord, teach us to recognise the worth of every person and to understand that we all have a special place in the body of Christ. Enable us, Loving Lord, to recognise the talents of those around us and to appreciate the contribution they make to our lives.  Enable us, to recognise our own talents and to use them to make a difference – from the little things like a kind word, an unexpected phone call, a wave across the street to the bigger things like sewing for the hospital!

Lord, in your mercy,

hear our prayer

Loving Lord we continue to pray:

today, tonight and tomorrow AMEN.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ

and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit

be with us now and for evermore. AMEN

Suggested Bible Readings:

Proverbs 11:25

John 13:3-20

2 Corinthians 9:12-14

James 2:14-24, 26

Suggested Hymns:

Brother, sister let me serve you

When I needed a neighbour were you there

Jesus hands were kind hands

Be still, for the presence of the Lord


Additional prayers see page 43 Families Worldwide issue 1.20


Australia:  Willochra

Diocesan President:  Mrs Lynette Pole

The diocese of Willochra is the largest in Australia, stretching from the Queensland border to Western Australia and covering most of the Rural North and West of South Australia.

Projects: Supporting Mission to Seafarers with clothing, knitted goods, prayer cards and other items.  Members visit nursing homes and retirement villages and support local activities. They raise awareness on social issues, particularly those relating to the treatment of children and women.  High School breakfast club, support for women’s refuges at Riverton and Auburn, provision of towels and blankets for student camps at Port Pirie, rugs for nursing homes at Balaklava, publications and promotional material

Thailand:  Thailand

We have not received any news from Thailand this year.  Nel, in Willochra, thinks that the link workers time limited funding has ceased.  Thailand receives refugees from Myanmar and members were working in the refugee camps.

South Sudan:  Yambio

Since the death of Archbishop Peter Munde in 2018 communication with Aida has become spasmodic.

Yambio diocese, is in south west South Sudan, close to the international border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo. evangelists.  The diocese has established schools and health services. The majority of the population are farmers growing a variety of crops.

Kenya:  Garissa

MU has been active in Kenya for almost 100 years and now has over 450,000 members, working with widows, young mothers and girls and supporting vulnerable women who have turned to prostitution in order to support their children. They raise HIV/AIDS awareness and work closely with families, encouraging stable family life.  Members visit prisons, hospitals and orphanages, providing emotional and physical support.

Garissa is near the Somalia border; most of the inhabitants are from Somalia. It is a predominantly Muslim area; several churches have been attacked by Al Ahabab terrorists and Christians have suffered persecution.

Nigeria:  Mbamili

The diocese of Mbamili is in the Anambra State of Nigeria, inaugurated in 2008.  Julie is the bishop’s wife – a member since 1997 and involved in various church and MU activities including teaching and training women and youths.

Communication has proved to be very difficult with our links, Nel, in Willochra and Kalyani, in Hereford, are the only people who are able to establish and regular links.  Life in other parts of the world is not easy and with the added complication of the Corona Pandemic we can only pray and hope that everyone is safe at this time.