Tommy's Treat July 2009

This is reproduced from our Parish Magazine:

TOMMY’S TREAT – Consumer test

My wife and I moved to Hanwood about 18 months ago and receive the Parish magazine every month although we’ve never been to the church. In July’s issue we were informed of ‘Tommy’s Treat’ – All Welcome, so we decided to go and give it a try. Here are the results of our consumer test under appropriate headings.

Welcome: nice smile and ‘hallo’ at the door; after the service there was someone by our side to welcome and invite us to lunch. It was very friendly. 10/10

Understanding of the service: we do not have an Anglican background and therefore thought that we would soon be lost in the service- not at all. The order of service was clear and simple instructions made it easy to follow what we were doing. 9/10

Worship: we sang modern Christian songs rather than hymns, simple and direct themes easily understood. There was also a short drama illustrating an aspect of the morning’s message. 9/10

Sermon: the Rector’s relaxed style could almost make you think there had not been a sermon, but his use of photos, a film of local churches working together and his own words put the message across. 9/10

Social time/Food: Our only regret was that we did not have enough time to meet every one. Lots of interesting people spread around the lounge and outside. The food was really nice as well. 10/10

Conclusion: we will have to go back for another look, why don’t you give it a try as well?

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