Focus on Healing

Focus on Healing

with Paul Skelton and Steve Hughes


Friday 14th - Sunday 16th June.  A weekend of worship, teaching and openness to the ministry of healing.


Friday 14th June             7.30pm              St. Thomas', Hanwood

Saturday 15th June   10am - 1pm              Hanwood School

Sunday 16th June            9.30am              St. Mary's, Westbury

                                     10.30am             St. Thomas', Hanwood

In October last year, Paul and Steve were with us in Hanwood and Longden and 24 people testified to a measure of immediate healing  and relief from pain and since then some have testified to continued improvement. For instance, a young woman with shoulder and back pain experienced relief and discovered that the clicking in her hip when she walked, had ceased. "I had been unable to turn my head fully to the left for years and often had pain in my neck. I experienced partial healing during the weekend but after a few weeks of continued prayer, I am now completely healed of that particular problem."

During his talks on Acts on Action, Bishop Alistair reminded us that the healing ministry of Jesus was continued by the Apostles with the same power and authority He had. They were able to do this only because Jesus had poured out His Holy Spirit upon them. The healings and miracles they ministered, confirmed their preaching and teaching about Jesus and thousands came to believe in Him as a result.

This twin ministry of proclaiming and doing, preaching and healing continues today by the power of the Holy Spirit. Paul Skelton, Steve Hughes and others who work with them devote their lives to this ministry and it takes them all over the world. They also have a desire to encourage and help local churches to exercise the healing ministry with the love and power of God.

Everyone who would like to receive healing ministry and would like to be prayed for themselves will be very welcome to come - please do not hesitate.


Report on October 2012:

Focus on Healing was a weekend event in October 2012. We gathered three times to hear Paul Skelton of “Healing on the Streets, Bath”, who taught the Biblical principles of Christian healing and told us of his experiences. We were left in no doubt that God's plan for today is to express His love through healing. At each session those there were encouraged to pray for each other and several people experienced God's touch. Click here to read Michael's article on the weekend.

Kathy wrote:
On the Saturday morning I had a pain in my neck. I'd had it for a few weeks and had wondered whether it was because of the way I sit when I am painting - head on one side for instance. It hadn't been very painful the day before, on the Friday, but on the Saturday morning it was particularly bad.

Another lady got up to ask for prayer for a pain in her neck. I thought 'Oh, that's the same as me, I know how painful that must be', so I decided to pray for her as well, still sitting in my seat.

It was while I was praying for her that I suddenly realised that my own pain had gone! And it hasn't come back!

On Saturday afternoon about 15 of us went to the Market Square in Shrewsbury. A few chairs were put out and passers-by spoken to.

One of our number wrote:

While we were on the streets, someone in my year at my school came up in a group and asked me what was going on. I told him, and he asked if we could pray for his knee. He had a major cartilage problem, and was going to have keyhole surgery on it. It was causing him pain at the time. I decided it would be weird for me to pray for him so I asked some others to do it, and walked away for a bit. While I was gone, he was healed of the immediate pain (we don't know about the cartilage issue yet) and yelled out, "IT WORKS!"

While there are no immediate plans to go back on the street, we would be pleased to pray for anyone who is in need of healing. please use a contact form for prayer requests.

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