Cafe Wednesday

Café Wednesday is just what it sounds like - any one can come and join us in a Café style setting in the church extension. We meet from 7.15pm, for fellowship, worship and teaching. We watch a video or listen to a short talk before we discuss the subject, often in small groups. We finish the evening with prayer.

The café aspect also includes cake and other refreshments.

Do come and give it a try, you will not be disappointed. 

Date Subject/Activity Leader
Cafe Wednesday Programme
3 January Filling Station, Leebotwood  
10 January Bible Study Margaret
17 January Spring Harvest video Keith
24 January Bible Study Ros/Keith
31 January Social at the Cock Inn  
7 February Filling Station, Leebotwood  
14 February Ash Wednesday service  
21 February Lent Course  
28 February Lent Course  
7 March Lent Course  
14 March Lent Course  
21 March Lent Course  
29 March Maundy Thursday  
4 April NO MEETING  
11 April NEW TERM Keith

The Filling Station takes place in Leebotwood. Speak to Margaret if you would like to share a car.

One of our Clergy will preside over the Lent Course and Easter services.